7 Performers

Meet Cheryl and Steve, a drop dead gorgeous couple heavy on looks and light on brains. Cheryl and Steve are hopelessly addicted to everything mainstream-media and function in a vacuum that is sealed by an unquenchable thirst for celebrity perfection. Cheryl dreams of changing her name to Angelina and Steve's name to Brad. They set out on a quest for pop-culture saturation which includes the adoption of foreign babies, unrelenting bouts of exercise and bulimic episodes, repetitive plastic surgeries to correct non-existent problems, and a neverending addiction to tabloid magazines. Along the way they are joined by Britney Spears and her dance crew, a villainous Madonna who wants to take over the world, and many other unfortunately recognizable faces.


2008 Production at Chyro Arts, AZ

2008 Workshop Production Arizona State University